Uniform Policy


Marcus Garvey parent/student will receive 3 warning notices (Dress Code Infractions) before student is suspended if he/she is not in full compliance with our school dress code. To be in compliance, shirts/blouses, skirts, vests, windbreakers, sweaters, and blazers MUST be purchased from the Banana Tree when available for purchase. Fun Friday Attire must be purchased from Marcus Garvey School when available for purchase. Parent may not substitute regular clothing in the place Fun Friday Attire. If student is not in Fun Friday Attire on Fridays, then he/she must wear the daily uniform on Friday.

The main dress code infractions are the following:

1. Not wearing MGS uniform (Monday-Thursday) (Unless free dress is permitted)
2. Not wearing Fun Friday attire on Friday
3. Not wearing solid black shoes (soles of shoes must be black as well)
4. Wearing over-sized T-shirts under uniform
5. Wearing a hat/ fluorescent colors in hair (gold-pink-purple-blue etc.)
6. Wearing a pullover hoodie
7. Wearing press-on tattoos and other body art
8. Wearing large hoop earrings(girls)/Wearing earrings(boys)
9. Wearing shirts/blouses un-tucked ( older students)


10. Wearing leggings below the knee/above the ankle/with feet out
11. Wearing skirt in need of hemming/broken zipper on skirt
12. Wearing footie socks
13. Not wearing ankle socks or knee-hi socks
14. Not wearing black or white socks (no other colors allowed)


15. Not wearing a belt/ Not wearing a black belt
16. Wearing pants below the waistline (sagging)
17. Wearing black jeans/skinny jeans or skinny pants

Please respect the importance of adhering to our school dress code policy in that NONCOMPLIANCE WILL EVENTUALLY RESULT IN YOUR CHILD’S SUSPENSION. We have taken the time to talk to our student body in grades 2nd thru 8th regarding this matter and we feel that they have a clear understanding about the school’s expectations concerning the dress code. As parents, please assist them by making sure your children are in compliance on a daily basis. Feel free to call Dale Franklin, owner of Banana Tree, at the following number for additional uniform purchases: 323.296.0938

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