School Background

Dr. Anyim C. Palmer is one of the most innovative, resourceful educators of his time. Dr. Anyim has taken his vision and created a model for educating children that can be used to address the American educational crisis.

School Philosophy

Marcus Garvey School is a co-educational pre-k and elementary private school located in the heart of Los Angeles. The school, established by Dr. Anyim Palmer in 1975, has remained committed to a very high level of excellence for 40 years. Our school provides a unique college preparatory curriculum that is consistent with that of the California Department of Education, but exceeds its mandates due to our school higher level of expectation and challenge. 

Marcus Garvey School stays in-tune with the distinctive foundation of cultural awareness and sensitivity that is integral to the success of young people in metropolitan locales. The teaching of one history develops a child’s self-awareness and lends itself to a clearer understanding of what should be expected in the future.

Marcus Garvey School students are encouraged to perform above grade level with the assistance of teachers and administrators that are caring, informed, and invested in their success. We believe that the comprehension, preparedness, and mastery of disciplines such as the Arts and Sciences, including advanced arithmetic, performing arts, physical fitness and humanities are essential in educating young scholars. The emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth of the student is our primary focus in developing well-rounded culturally aware young people.


Former graduates of the Marcus Garvey School have gone on to attend and graduate from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities throughout our nation such as the following: UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, Cal State Dominquez Hills, Cal State Northridge, Cal Poly, Claremont, Loyola, Stanford, Howard, NYU, Bentley, Xavier, Grambling, Morehouse, Spellman, Clark, Fisk, Tuskegee, Dillard, and more. 90% – 95% of the students have graduated successfully. The Marcus Garvey School is currently forming an alumni association.

In 1999, three of the Marcus Garvey students, Mariah Godsey (13), Patrick Bates (13), and Brannon Weeks (12), enter West L.A. College. The threesome carried 15 to 17 units per semester Inspired by those who preceded him, in 2002, Daryl Hobbs; another 13 year old student also attended West LA College. His brother younger brother, Marcus Hobbs, age 13, also attended West LA while still in attendance at Marcus Garvey. In 2008 Maketta Ridgle, an 8th grade student, (13), was inspired to do the same and is presently taking college courses while attending high school. Naima Bakari attended community college instead of high school in 2011 and 2012 and is now attending at age 17 as a junior.

Historically, the Marcus Garvey School has operated exclusively from the tuition paid by our families. However, there are financial limits on what the school can afford to offer our students in addition to the excellent curriculum we have in place. So, while our families contribute to our funding efforts, we are seeking contributions from private donors, corporate donors, and other community partners and investors to help us with our Capital Campaigns. We would like to include you.

The Future…..”Continuing the Legacy Scholarship Fund”
The school’s next great leap into history is to establish the “Continuing the Legacy Scholarship Fund” beginning school year 2014/2015. This scholarship fund, which will be supported by the community, the corporate world, celebrities, private investors, and parents, will aid the Marcus Garvey School in assisting many families who desire a great educational foundation for their children. The school has to turn away too many parents because they simply cannot afford our moderately priced tuition. The School wants to make a huge difference in the lives of many young children through this scholarship fund. We will be looking for support from all who believe in strengthening and securing the future of thousands upon thousands of young students who deserve bright beginnings. Marcus Garvey School has been around for 40 years and is here to stay! Please help us to continue this great legacy by donating to the scholarship fund

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