Do you have to be African American to attend MGS?
No. Marcus Garvey School is open to all students from age’s 4/9months – 10, no matter their ethnicity, race, culture, religion, or creed.
Do students have to take a test to enter MGS?
No, students are not required to take an entrance exam to enroll in Marcus Garvey School. Students and parents are required to adhere to respectful and appropriate behaviors at school.
Do parents have to complete volunteer hours?
Yes. Parents must complete a minimum of 15 volunteer hours per semester. There are various opportunities for parents to complete hours including assisting teachers, special events, field trips, classroom monitors, clerical support and committee work.
Is the school open year round?
Yes. Marcus Garvey School is open year-round with the exception of a one-week break in the beginning of July, a one-week break at the end of August, a few days in December/January for short winter breaks and all national holidays.
Is there an extra cost for before-school care and after school care?
Before School care and After School care is included in the tuition. Before school care begins at 6:30 am and after school care ends at 6:30 pm.
Do you have special education services?
No. We believe all students have the potential to achieve. We meet all students where they are academically and push them beyond their age and grade level.
Are meals provided? What type of meals are provided?
We serve a continental breakfast each morning. Lunch is catered daily by Better 4 You Meals. Early afternoon snack is provided by parents. Evening snack is served by school. Monthly cost for meals is $55.00. This amount is paid with tuition. Our meals are healthy, nutritious. Breakfast is prepared on our campus daily. Accommodations are made for special dietary needs as well.
Do you give discounts for two or more children enrolled at MGS from the same household?
Yes. We do provide family discounts and payment plans.
Are your teachers credentialed by the state of California?
Our instructors are all experienced educators who have been well-trained by the Marcus Garvey successful teaching standards. Our teachers have 10 – 40 years of teaching experience and educate students in all subject areas in self contained classroom settings.
Do MGS students take state tests?
We have not participated in standardized testing programs, but we are exploring the possibility of preparing our students for the testing culture and educational system in our society. In the future, we may participate in standardized testing programs to demonstrate the advanced academic abilities of our students.
What type of activities does MGS have for students?
There are dance classes, math and science clubs, music programs, sports competitions, dramatic performances, formal dances, cultural festivals, and academic demonstrations.
Do students go on field trips?
Yes…Students go on enriching and educational field trips including museums and performances.
Do you provide transportation?
Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school. We have a school van that we use for trips to transport students in small groups.
Can students participate in the Afterschool program only without being enrolled in MGS?
Students must be enrolled in Marcus Garvey School to participate in the afterschool program. The School is exploring adding a homework and performing arts afterschool program for students who are not in attendance as early as the school year of 2014-2015. We are awaiting the completion of documents and funding.
Do students learn any other languages?
Students are taught the basics of Swahili and Spanish.
Are there scholarships available for students?
Scholarships are not available at this time. We do provide family discounts for two or more students from the same household who attend Marcus Garvey School. The school is in the process of establishing the “Continuing the Legacy Scholarship Fund”, a fund which will provide partial to full scholarships for families who qualify.
What is the uniform requirement?
Uniforms are provided for a fee from our selected vendor, the Banana Tree Uniform Store.

The Marcus Garvey male students wear black Dickey pants with the MGS logo engraved on the right pocket. They have a choice of red, black, and green polo shirts which have the Marcus Garvey emblem on the top left side of the shirt. Belts must be worn daily to prevent sagging of pants. Solid black shoes with black rubber soles are worn daily (tennis shoes or dress shoes).

The Marcus Garvey female students wear red or black blouses with the school’s monogram. The skirts worn by the girls are plaid in the colors of red, black, and white. White socks are worn with solid black shoes with black rubber soles. Cross ties and scrunchies are available as additional uniform items.

All uniform items must be purchased by the selected uniform vendor (Banana Tree Uniforms.

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