An excused absence, tardy, or early dismissal is one in which the parent, by phone call or note, presents a reason for non-attendance. Notification must be within two school days of the child’s return to school, otherwise the absence is recorded as unexcused.

The acceptable reasons for an excused absence or tardy include:

  • llness
  • Medical, dental, or other appointment that cannot be scheduled before or after school
  • Recognized religious observance
  • Family emergency or event such as a funeral or birth
  • A prearranged absence, early dismissal, or tardy which the principal approved in advance

In the event of an absence, make-up work may be requested if called in before 9:00 a.m. Teachers will set aside make-up work that will be available to parents to pick up at the end of the school day or the following day.

Students who are late for school interrupt the classroom and miss valuable instruction and work. Therefore, PUNCTUALITY IS ESSENTIAL. Please allow extra time getting your child(ren) to school in the morning.

Doctor and dental appointments: It is requested that dental and doctor appointments be made outside of school hours. Children will miss instruction that is impossible to make up outside of school hours. If this cannot be avoided, we ask that a note to the teacher (giving the reason and time) be sent with the child. Parents need to come to the office to sign out their child.

Special Note: During the last 15 minutes of the school day, students are busy getting ready to be dismissed, reviewing homework assignments, and bringing closure to the school day. Therefore, if possible, we ask that you avoid picking up your child(ren) during this time.

Report Absences by Calling or E-mailing Each Day Your Child is Out
If your child is ill, please leave a message on the school voicemail at 323-541-5384 prior to 9:00 a.m. each and every day to report an absence for your child. If we have not heard from you by that time, verification of absence phone calls will be made. Absences must be cleared within 48 hours.

Illness and When to Keep Your Child at Home
Students should come to school well enough to participate in the full instructional program. Children with the following symptoms should remain at home until they have recovered:
1. Fever of 99.6 or higher and children must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school.
2. Vomiting, diarrhea, or severe abdominal pain.
3. A cold, sore throat, or persistent cough.
4. Nasal congestion or runny nose, not associated with allergies — please remember green or yellow nasal discharge is not normal and usually indicates infection.
5. Any open sores or open wounds.
6. Any undiagnosed rash.
7. Red or swollen eyes.
8. Earache.
9. Swollen glands around the jaws, ears, or neck.
10. Any other symptoms suggestive of acute illness.

Other Attendance and Tardy Reminders
1. Leave home with plenty of time for your child(ren) to be at school on time, ready to learn
2. Instruction will begin at 8:30 each morning, however, teachers will begin picking up students from the cafeteria at 8:15 am.
3. Please Note: Your child is considered tardy at 8:46 a.m.
4. Students who arrive late to school are to go to the front office accompanied by a parent/guardian to pick up a tardy slip.

Tardy Consequences
1st Unexcused Tardy: Verbal Warning
2nd and 3rd Unexcused Tardy: Work missed may be made up at recess; letter sent home to parent.
4th Unexcused Tardy: Parent Conference

Tardies interrupt the classroom and interfere with the learning environment for all students. Our goal is to educate your child. We cannot be successful if your child is not in school. Please help us to insure that your child receives a quality education by getting your child to school healthy and here on time. If there is a pattern of frequent unexcused tardies or early dismissals, Marcus Garvey School will send a letter to the parent detailing the occurrences. The intent is to work together to find possible solutions.

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