Thank you for choosing the Marcus Garvey School as a vehicle for your child’s continued advancement into a world outside of the family unit you have carefully nurtured. Your child will feel very safe and welcomed in our school environment.

Our goal is to provide your child with a sense of family while away from home and in our presence, which is conducive to the success of any child’s learning process. Our staff is very warm and loving in their approach to children. They are also very experienced and well trained by the proven and successful teaching standards of the Marcus Garvey School. We look forward to seeing our students and parents daily.

Parents are welcome to observe the staff and their interaction with students at any time with prior notice to administration. The administration and staff relies heavily upon the support of our parents, for without such support, we could not claim the success of our strong relationship between home and school.

Linda Saunders

Executive Director

Our Staff

Linda Barnes

Brenda Spencer


Akilah Scott

Assistant Principal/2nd Grade


Office Assistant


Teacher Assistant

Raquel Hassan


Linda Brown

1st Grade


2nd Grade

Kimana Davis

3rd Grade

Sis. Ana Martinez

4th Grade


5th Grade

Thabiti Umoja

Advanced Math Teacher and Middle School

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