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Uniform Policy

Marcus Garvey School

Students are required to wear the MGS uniform on a daily basis. A school uniform helps promote pride and professionalism and reminds us all that our primary focus is on academics. Black shoes must also be worn at all times. If a student comes to school out of uniform (i.e. non-uniform shirt or blouse, non-black shoes, etc.) he/she will receive an infraction.


Once a child receives his/her 3rd infraction he/she will receive a 1-day suspension. If a student comes to school completely out of uniform on a day that has not been permitted as a free dress day, he/she will be sent to the office and may not return to class until the student in compliance. A parent will be called to have a uniform brought to the school.


Students will be allowed to wear the official MGS T-shirt along with the MGS sweatpants every Friday.


Crew white, black or red socks over the ankle are allowed  - no sport socks, no-shows or low cuts.


Boys will be expected to wear a belt everyday and keep their shirts tucked in.


During the cold months the girls are permitted to wear their MGS  sweatpants under their skirts from home to school, during outside recess, and from school to home.  Sweatpants are not to be worn inside the building throughout the school day. Girls are allowed to wear tights when it gets cold, however, footless tights are not permitted. Tights must be black and footed.


New Uniform Policy

Uniform Order Form and Price List

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